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Photo courtesy of Kinoshita

Introduction to Kinoshita:

Kinoshita, in Vila Nova Conceição, is a watershed in chef Tsuyoshi Murakami's career. The restaurant opened in early 2008 afforded this master of kappo cuisine the room and visibility he needed to firm his name at the top of São Paulo's Japanese cuisine.

The restaurant is named for chef Murakami’s father-in-law, Toshio Kinoshita, who immigrated to Brazil from his native Hokkaido in the early 1960s and owned the original Kinoshita on Rua da Glória, in Liberdade.

It was at the humbler and much smaller Kinoshita that chef Murakami perfected his style, surprising diners with bold tasting menus which gained a steady following by word of mouth.

Murakami, who was born in Japan and moved to Brazil as a child, started as a cook when he was 18 and worked in New York City, Tokyo and Barcelona before establishing his reputation in São Paulo.

The Menu at Kinoshita:

Chef Murakami has imprinted his extroverted ways onto kappo cuisine, defined by the preparation of dishes before the customer and by a good deal of interaction and surprise.

Food is not cheap at Kinoshita, but neither are the ingredients. First-rate tuna, great amberjack, salmon, mackerel, mussels - perhaps imported from Japan - show up in a prime sequence of artistically arranged creations.

Sushi, sashimi, temaki are all present, but without predominance of one or another. The chef's soy sauce is a legend in São Paulo dining.

Kinoshita has a sake sommelier. Among the highlights on the sake list is ginjo-shu, one of the types of sake with a delicate flavor and appealing aroma.

There's also wine - European, South American - served in decanters.


Brazilian architect Naoki Otake designed the building with four dining areas in sukiya kenchiku style, with traditional Japanese elements which are complemented by the natural elements in the Gilberto Elkis landscaping.

The main room seats 30. The sushi bar, a terrace with 20 seats, and a tatami room for up to 12 people complete the dining areas.

Kinoshita Photos :




Mon-Fri noon-3 p.m. and 7 p.m.-midnight; Sat and holidays noon-4 p.m. and 7 p.m.-midnight

Reservations :

The restaurant takes reservations for dinner Mon-Sat until 6:30 p.m.

Address & Contact Information:

Rua Jacques Félix 405
Vila Nova Conceição
Phone: 55-11-3849-6940
Website: www.restaurantekinoshita.com.br

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