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Fundição Progresso


A Vibrant Cultural Center and Show Venue in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro
Fundição Progresso

The main arena at Fundição Progresso.

Vicente de Paulo/Photo courtesy of Fundição Progresso.

Updated on Nov.9, 2012

Fundição Progresso, near the Lapa Arches, embodies the best characteristics of outstanding cultural centers in Brazil. It hosts multiple activities in education, cultural dissemination, preservation of cultural traditions and entertainment, all that in a historic building which was rescued from destruction. Moreover, the center has helped assert the value of the Lapa district, with its rich history and new course as a top spot in Rio de Janeiro nightlife.

The history of Fundição Progresso ("Progress Foundry") is closely connected to that of its neighbor, trailblazing cultural center Circo Voador ("Flying Circus"). In the 1980s, members of Circo Voador stood between the foundry and the sledgehammers of the workers attempting to tear it down. In their effort to embargo the demolition, they even had the support of famed architect Lúcio Costa.

In 1987, the foundry became an extension of Circo Voador and, in 1999, an autonomous non-governmental organization. It has since been thoroughly restored, gained four theaters and a new main arena with wooden floors and up-to-date infrastructure.

For the Rio de Janeiro traveler, the greatest appeal of Fundição Progresso lies in three types of attractions: the shows, Rio Maracatu and Carnival.

The shows, some of the best in Rio for anyone interested in Brazilian music, feature some of the top artists in today's Brazilian pop music, Carnival bands, new talents and revered old timers. Keep up with the schedule under "Programação" on the Fundição Progresso website (www.fundicaoprogresso.com.br).

Rio Maracatu

Fundição Progresso hosts Rio Maracatu, a Rio de Janeiro group founded in 1997 and famous for their parades in the streets of Lapa. At Fundição Progresso, they offer several workshops in maracatu, afro dance, percussion and samba.

Happy Hour

In 2012, Fundição launched free Happy Hour on Mondays, with live music and DJs.

The event starts at 7 p.m. Admission age is 16.

Carnival at Fundição Progresso

Besides playing a key role in the revitalization of Lapa, Fundição Progresso has helped bring Rio de Janeiro street Carnival to its present, vibrant phase of growth and renewal. Since 2006, the cultural center has promoted an annual marchinha (Carnival song) contest which gathers about 40,000 people in its events, such as Carnival dances and street parades.

You can also catch up with bands from some of Rio's best Carnival blocos, such as Bangalafumenga or Monobloco, in exciting performances during the off-Carnival and pre-Carnival season.



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