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Circo Voador


A Top Cultural Attraction in Rio
Circo Voador
Photo courtesy of Circo Voador

Updated on Aug.29, 2012

When the blue and white Circo Voador ("Flying Circus") tent was raised at Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro in 1982, a legend began in Brazil music and culture.

Born from the bold and irreverent stirrings created by drama and comedy troupes at a time when Brazil was still under the military dictatorship that ended in 1984; developed as a welcoming and increasingly popular venue for new bands in Brazil's vibrant pop and rock scene of the 1980s - Circo Voador has been one of the top cultural venues in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil for over two decades. It also has been in Lapa since its first year, but not continuously.

The 3,000-square-foot dome near the Lapa Arches, with a capacity for 2,500, was built in 2004. The circus had been closed since 1996, a response from a disgruntled mayor in electoral campaign who got booed while watching one of the shows at the tent.

The building occupies the same site where, in 1982, Royal palm trees were planted and the circus had gained its sedentary home.

Besides hosting great concerts, Circo Voador is engaged in an array of cultural activities. The space is perfect for parties; one of the best-loved recent launches is Chá da Alice (Alice's Tea).

The wild Alice in Wonderland-themed party, with props such as playing cards, a gigantic chair (you've shrunk!) and trampolines, is the perfect occasion to dress up and let your hair down. Or frizz it up so you look like Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's movie.

To find Chá da Alice dates and the schedule for other upcoming attractions, click on Agenda on the Circo Voador website.

Circo Voador:

Rua dos Arcos
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Facebook: www.facebook.com/circovoadorlapa
Twitter: @circo_voador

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