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Bar Lagoa


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Art Deco Hangout by Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas
Bar Lagoa

View from the Bar Lagoa patio.

Stefan Wilkerson

Sep.29, 2011

There is a wait at the door most weekends at Bar Lagoa. But the view of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas across the street helps pass the time.

One of best preserved local survivors of the art deco period, which saw the rise of about 200 buildings in that style in Rio de Janeiro, the bar lures families and groups of friends into its single room with high ceilings and walls in the original avocado green hue. People come for the ambience, the creamy draft beer and the vast menu which still has dishes with German inspiration just like when the bar opened as Bar Berlim in 1934.

In all these years, Bar Lagoa has had but one bout of unpopularity. During World War II, still called Bar Berlim and frequented by German immigrants, it was thrashed by a group of Brazilian students angry at the sinking of Brazil ships (said to have been attacked by German submarines).

Sturdy materials used in the construction have survived that episode and passed the test of time, thanks to careful preservation. The Carrara marble in the bottom half of the walls and the counters, brought over from Italy to a pier that used to exist near the Jardim de Alah canal in a then-sleepy and isolated Ipanema, retains its rosy sheen.

Once you've been seated, take time to enjoy other original features of the building while you wait for your order. The doors to the women's and men's restrooms, with "Senhoras" and "Lavatorio Homens" in brass letters; the glass lamps; and the elegant doors with mottled glass are some of the attractive details.

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