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Aconchego Carioca


Hearty Food, Casual Ambience in Rio's North Side

Feb.5, 2011

Not very far from the Maracanã stadium, on a street that still has houses of humble loveliness dating back to the first half of the 20th century, Aconchego Carioca serves hearty food that's easy to like. The casual atmosphere helps justify the coziness expressed in the bar's name.

Try the generous servings of feijoada, cozido (Portuguese-style stew), and a wide selection of appetizers, especially croquettes (cassava, bean, and new versions presented every so often), with desserts such as cachaça pudding.

Beer is served extremely cold; there are caipirinhas and batidas (creamy fruit and cachaça cocktails). In the cheery, colorful dining area, Brazil handicrafts add a touch of whimsy.

In one of those discoveries that has a place's old regulars thinking "tell me what's new", the restaurant was publicly praised by celebrity chef Claude Troisgros, of Olympe; that's when lines really became an issue. Arrive before you're too hungry and be patient, especially on weekends.

Aconchego Carioca has participated in Comida di Buteco Rio, the local version of the famous bar food festival launched in Belo Horizonte.


Tue-Sat noon to midnight, Sun noon to 6 p.m.


Rua Barão de Iguatemi 379
Praça da Bandeira
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Phone: 55-21-2273-1035

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