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Samba, Luzia


About Samba, Luzia:

Updated on Feb.23, 2012

Rio de Janeiro lights reflected on Guanabara Bay are the background for Samba, Luzia, a weekly samba get-together (roda de samba) at Clube Santa Luzia (www.clubesantaluzia.com.br).

The sambistas gather on the club's terrace overlooking the bay.

The name "Samba, Luzia" is an invitation: "Dance the samba, Luzia!" The roda de samba was created by Marcio Pacheco and samba singer/songwriter Moacyr Luz. Marcio Pacheco is the owner of Beco do Rato (www.becodorato.com.br) in Lapa, another great spot for live samba.

Moacyr Luz is a regular at Samba, Luzia. So are other great Rio de Janeiro musicians who play with him and special guests. Check the calendar under "Música" on the Samba, Luzia website (www.sambaluzia.com.br).

About 1,000 people show up at Samba, Luzia every Friday. There are 110 tables and 540 chairs on the terrace, but some people stand near the musicians, who sit around a long table.

Food and Drink:

Drinks served during Samba, Luzia include whiskey and caipirinha. Some of the appetizers served are codfish croquettes, turnovers, fried shrimp, and fried manioc with sun-dried meat.

About Clube Santa Luzia:

Clube Santa Luzia, a sports club founded in 1896 with a focus on swimming and rowing, has a successful history in Olympic sports as diverse as fencing, weightlifting and judo.

Three bars stay open for Samba, Luzia. They serve appetizers such as fried cassava, cubed Minas cheese, turnovers and bean broth.

The club is easy to get to by taxi and there's a taxi stop at the door.

Samba, Luzia Schedule & Price::

Friday nights, usually at 10 p.m.
When it rains, the party is moved to the club's dance hall; however, when it rains very hard, the event could be canceled.

Cover charge: varies - usually R$25 and up.

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Address & Phone::

Clube Santa Luzia
Rua Almirante Silva de Noronha 300
Aeroporto Santos Dummont
Phone: 55-21-2508-5600

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