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Café do Alto


Café do Alto
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Café do Alto Overview:

Updated on Nov.19, 2012

Rio de Janeiro locals and visitors love Café do Alto. The breakfast buffet with over 50 items, served on weekends and holidays, is the top attraction at this café named for the higher area of Leblon and located in Clube Campestre da Guanabara, a country club with an exciting history.

Northeastern food, such as tapioca, is the main breakfast specialty. The tapiocas are made upon order; they come to the table fresh and warm, with various fillings - eggplant and parmesan, vatapá and shrimp, provolone and rosemary, goiabada and cheese.

You can order Northeastern dishes, such as moqueca.

St. John's Festival at Café do Alto:

If you're in Rio Janeiro in early June, look for the Festa Junina (June Festival, or St. John's) at Café do Alto.

The café throws a big party with square dancing, typical food, authentic forró with trios playing the accordion, zabumba and triangle, and games for kids.

Tickets usually cost less about $10 per person.

Café do Alto's Historic Location:

In the late 19th century, the site where Clube Campestre da Guanabara is located was part of Quilombo do Seixas (also known as Quilombo do Leblon), a flower farm owned by Portuguese abolitionist José de Seixas Magalhães.

On the farm/quilombo, or escaped slave community, the people Seixas gave shelter to helped him grow camelias which became the symbol of the abolitionist movement in Rio. Ladies who supported the cause wore them as corsages.

In the mid 1800s, the area was a chácara owned by Charles Leblon, the Frenchman for whom the neighborhood is named.

Café do Alto in Santa Teresa:

Now there's another Café do Alto, opened in 2012, in a charming neighborhood: Santa Teresa. The delicious regional dishes are there; so are the colorful ambience and quaint surroundings.




Tue-Sun 9 a.m.-8 p.m.
Breakfast buffet served on weekends and holidays 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Address & Phone:

Rua Alberto Rangel 71
Clube Campestre da Guanabara
Phone: 55-21-2512-0096

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