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The Great Brazil Express


Luxury Train Travel in the Brazilian South
The Great Brazil Express
Photo courtesy of Great Brazil Express


The Great Brazil Express, Brazil's first luxury train, allows travelers to enjoy the hills between Curitiba and Cascavel, PR, while indulging in the comfort of two nicely decorated cars.

The 300-mile trip is part of an all-inclusive plane, bus and train tour from Rio de Janeiro to Iguassu Falls. The tour includes 12 cities in all and attractions such as Vila Velha State Park.

You can also take a short ride aboard the luxury train on weekends, between Curitiba and Morretes, as an upgrade of the Curitiba-Paranaguá train ride.

The vision of a Brazilian, a Swiss and a Belgian entrepreneurs, the train has been in full activity since 2008.

According to Adonai Arruda, president of Serra Verde Express, the tour is gradually building up to a goal of two monthly trips. About 70% of the passengers are international travelers. The staff is multilingual.

The train has also meant a leap for honeymoons and romantic travel in Brazil. The scenery, the cities, the luxury ride and assistance from beginning to end contribute to a memorable getaway.

A customized trip with special rates for the whole wedding party can be arranged.

The Cars:

The two cars, for 22 passengers each, have goose down and feather-filled seats and silk curtains. In one of them, the ceiling is hand-painted. In the other, there are reproductions of works by Rugendas and Debret, who depicted Brazil life in the 19th century.

The bar serves wine, champagne, and 12-year whisky. A screen shows the landscapes left behind as the train moves along.

Dining and lodging are provided at the cities along the route.

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