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Plan Your Brazil Trip

Brazil travel information about visas, ports of entry, customs, packing, vaccine and pet travel requirements, as well as practical aspects of Brazil travel planning.
  1. Brazil Month by Month (7)
  2. Brazilian Currency (2)
  3. Bringing a Pet to Brazil (5)
  4. Health & Safety (15)
  5. Metric System for Visitors (2)
  6. Packing Tips (3)
  7. Practical Tips (9)
  8. Visas & Customs (6)
  9. Weather (3)

Make the Most of Brazil Airport Lines
Make the best of the long airport lines you may face upon arriving in Brazil.

2014 World Host City Guide from the Brazilian Tourism Office
An interactive guide to the 12 cities hosting 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, from the Brazilian Tourism Office - Embratur.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Brazil

Yellow Fever in Brazil
Important facts about the 2007/2008 yellow fever outbreak in Brazil.

Brazil Fights Child Sexual Tourism
Learn what Brazil is doing to fight child sexual tourism and how travelers can help.

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