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São Paulo Bars, Clubs and Nightlife

São Paulo's vibrant entertainment and nightlife scene is made up of great clubs, an array of bars – many with live music – and state-of-the-art venues hosting the world’s greatest performers.


All Black
Irish flair and authentic pub ambience and food in the Jardins district.

Bar Astor
The Astor, in Vila Madalena, is one of São Paulo's best casual bars.

Back Gastrobar
Back Gastrobar, tucked away behind a boutique, brings a NYC touch to Vila Madalena, one of Sao Paulo's most vibrant nightlife hubs.

Bar Brahma
Bar Brahma, opened in 1948 and still on the corner of Ipiranga and Sao Joao, is one of Sao Paulo's best bars, with cold draft beer, live Brazilian music and good food.

Bar Madeleine
Bar Madeleine, in Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo is a jazz bar with nightly performances. Learn more about the bar/bistro in a house decorated with salvage materials.

Bar Original
Bar Original, in Moema, has been one of the top spots for draft beer, good food and casual atmosphere in Sao Paulo, Brazil since 1996.

Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street Music Club in Sao Paulohas features prestigious Brazilian and international musicians playing jazz, blues, soul, Caribbean music and more. Read about Bourbon Street.

Bubu Lounge Disco
Bubu Lounge Disco, in Sao Paulo, sizzles as one of the best gay and lesbian clubs in Brazil.

Cachaçaria Paulista
Cachacaria Paulista, in the Pinheiros district, is one of Sao Paulo's best bars, with over 300 types of cachaca and live music.

Cafe de La Musique
Cafe de La Musique, a top Sao Paulo dining club, has built its hip reputation on three concepts: fashion, music and gourmet food.

Cervejaria Nacional
Cervejaria Nacional, opened in 2011, is a microbrewery bar serving handcrafted beer named after Brazil myths and legends.

Charles Edward
A bar in Itaim for 30-somethings with live music, dancing and lots of flirting.

Club A
Club A, in Moema, is one of the top psy-trance clubs in the São Paulo nightlife.

Estudio Emme
Estudio Emme, an eclectic Sao Paulo club opened in 2010, radically changed the space once occupied by Avenida Club, a ballroom dancing spot.

Finnegan's Pub, a pioneer Irish-themed pub, is home to a St. Patrick's Day and a Bloomsday parties.

Kia Ora
Kia Ora, inspired in Australia and New Zealand, is one of Sao Paulo's best bars with live music and a favorite hangout among singles.

A cool vibe permeates this spot in downtown Sampa, which celebrates a bar which left enduring memories among local nighthawks.

Piraja, a Sao Paulo bar inspired in Rio de Janeiro botequins, serves great appetizers and feijoada on trendy Avenida Faria Lima.

Pé de Manga
Pe de Manga, a bar and restaurant in Sao Paulo's Vila Madalena district, is unique with its spacious backyard and ancient mango trees.

Terra Nova Bar e Cachacaria
Terra Nova Bar e Cachacaria, in the vicinity of the delightful Horto Florestal, is one of Sao Paulo's best places to sample the best of Brazil cachaca.

The Clock Rock Bar
The Clock Rock Bar, a rockabilly club in Sao Paulo, has 1950s decor, live bands and diner food.

The Queen's Head
The Queen's Head, at the space formerly occupied by Drake's, is a Sao Paulo pub by the owners of All Black and Kia Ora. Live music is one of its highlights.

Valadares (Aperitivos Valadares)
Valadares, a casual bar in Lapa, boasts icy cold beer and great bar food (with a few exotic choices).

Veloso Bar
Veloso, a Sao Paulo bar named for the Rio de Janeiro bar of The Girl from Ipanema fame, serves outstanding caipirinhas and coxinhas (chicken croquettes).

Woodstock, in Sao Paulo, is authorized by Woodstock Ventures. Discover this club with psychedelic decor and great live music.

Z Carniceria
Z Carniceria, a Sao Paulo bar packed with memorabilia and some hard core items from its previous existence as a butcher shop, is one of the hot nightlife spots in Baixo Augusta.

HSBC Brasil
HSBC Brasil, formerly known as Tom Brasil, is one of Sao Paulo's best-known music venues. With good acoustics and an eclectic schedule, HSBC Brasil has featured great names of Brazilian and international music.

Josephine SP
Josephine, the Brazilian version of the Washington, DC club, opened in Sao Paulo in early 2011 and added an extra touch of luxury to Itaim nightlife.

L'Absolu, opened in Vila Olimpia in 2011, is one of the Sao Paulo's best spots for dining, happy hour and sunset parties.

SubAstor, São Paulo
SubAstor, inspired in Prohibition area speakeasies, serves some of Sao Paulo's best cocktails under the Astor in Vila Madalena.

Skye Bar & Restaurant
One of the best restaurants in Brazil, serving the cuisine of chef Emanuel Bassoleil at the top of Hotel Unique.$$$$

SubAstor, São Paulo
SubAstor, inspired in Prohibition area speakeasies, serves some of Sao Paulo's best cocktails under the Astor in Vila Madalena.

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