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Real Time São Paulo Traffic Reports Online


CET, São Paulo's Traffic Engineering Company, provides real time traffic reports online.

Rain and accidents are two of the main factors which contribute to worsen peak hour traffic jams in São Paulo. In May 2009, a Friday, CET registered 139 kilometers of traffic jams in town. In May 2009, traffic jams spread over 260 kilometers.

To check real time traffic conditions online:

  1. Go to the CET website.
  2. On the main menu, click on Trânsito Agora ("Transit Now")
  3. A map pops up. To the right, a quick-reference chart shows kilometers of slowness ("lentidão").
  4. Click on any given area of the map. A zoom screen pops up. You can click on it for an even closer look, and activate or disactivate street names by clicking on a button at the top of the screen that says Rua.
  5. Other buttons available indicate tendencies (stable or unstable), traffic conditions on main axels, a slowness graph, conditions on main transit corridors, and accidents ("ocorrências").

Traffic Rotation System

In order to reduce the circulation of vehicles during peak hours, São Paulo has a vehicle rotation system according to the last digit on the license plates, which applies even to vehicles from out of town. Don't get a ticket - read about São Paulo's Vehicle Rotation System.

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