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Imbituba, SC - Travel Guide and Attractions


Imbituba, SC - Travel Guide and Attractions

Praia de Itapirubá

Prefeitura Municipal de Imbituba

Imbituba Introduction :

Imbituba is one of the most attractive beach destinations in Brazil. Best known as the home of Brazil's Southern Right Whale Project and as a great place for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, Imbituba has beautiful beaches ranging from a more urban atmosphere to rustic, pristine beaches.

The Imbituba port, awarded for its safety, is the second largest in the state (the largest is the Itajaí port, in northern Santa Catarina).

Imbituba Fast Facts, Location and Weather:

With 36.231 inhabitants (official 2007 data from IBGE Cidades), Imbituba is located 97 kilometers south of Florianópolis.

The city's origins date back to the early 1700s, when Azorians came from Laguna, further south, looking for new areas for whaling and agriculture.

Temperate climate keeps average temperatures in Imbituba between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius. The Santa Catarina coast is subject to heavy rainfall during summer storms, but sunny days are plentiful year round.

Whale Watching in Imbituba:

Watching Southern Right Whales (Eubalaena australis) is one of the top things to do in Imbituba, located within the limits of the Southern Right Whale Environment Protection Area (APA Baleia Franca).

Southern Right Whale watching season in Santa Catarina State goes from July to November, with a peak of sightings from the second half of August to early October.

Many mothers and their calves can be seen off the Imbituba coast.

Pousada Vida Sol e Mar Beach Village & Ecoresort (www.vidasolemar.com.br), on the road to Praia do Rosa, is the whale watching tour operator accredited by the Southern Right Whale Project.

Imbituba also has great spots on land for whale watching with binoculars.

Imbituba Beaches and Water Sports:

The southernmost Imbituba beach is Itapirubá, divided into two by a hill. Home to the Southern Right Whale Project, Itapirubá is great for surfing, hiking, and fishing. Off Itapirubá coast is deserted Araras island, with an old lighthouse.

Central Praia da Vila (Village Beach), great for whale watching, bodyboarding and surfing, is on the ASP World Tour. It faces two islands - Santana de Fora and Santana de Dentro. The latter can be reached on foot during low tides.

The next beach northward is Praia do Porto, thus named because it's next to the Imbituba port. Surfing near the remnants of a shipwreck is one of the things to do at Praia do Porto, which in the past was the site of the last whaling station in the Brazilian South. The restored station is now the Whale Museum.

The hills which enclose Praia D’água - the Water Beach - have several springs, one of which runs all the way down to the north corner. The beach can only be reached by trails.

Neighboring Praia da Ribanceira (Bank Beach), about six miles from downtown Imbituba, attracts fishermen and surfers. It's named after its hilly contour, which features one of Santa Catarina's top attractions: sand dunes.

Dunes enhance the beauty of Barra de Ibiraquera, a beach which borders Lagoa de Ibiraquera.

Barra de Ibiraquera is one of the best beaches in Brazil for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Praia do Luz, at the end of Ibiraquera, is known for its beautiful sunsets.

Next is Praia do Rosa, a member of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World Club, a top destination for whale watching, surfing, family travel and honeymoons.

A 30-minute walk on a trail leads to Praia Vermelha, a small quiet beach.

See a list of Imbituba attractions (in Portuguese, with photos) from the city administration.

More Imbituba Attractions:

Ecotourism and adventure opportunities are widely available in Imbituba. Several hotels partner up with local agents for hiking, boat tours, horseback riding, or visits to nearby sambaquis, or pre-historic shell mounds.

People watching is a major attraction in Imbituba, especially in the summer, when the city is flooded with beautiful people from Santa Catarina and beyond.


Mormaii Ibiraquera Wave Contest (dates vary; usually in September or October)

Annual Southern Right Whale Festival (September) - check dates with the Projeto Baleia Franca

The ASP World Tour at Imbituba, so far held in October, has been taking place in the Brazilian winter as of 2009, which makes it a high season event. Read about the 2009 WCT dates.

Where to Stay in Imbituba

There are lots of great lodging options in Imbituba. Check this list of links to hotels in Imbituba and a list specifically for hotels in Praia do Rosa.

Where to Eat in Imbituba

You'll find affordable options at and near Praia da Vila. The best-known restaurants in Imbituba are in Praia do Rosa - some of them belong to the area's hotels.

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