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Finnegan's Pub


Finnegan's Pub
Photo of St. Patrick's Day 2008 courtesy of Finnegan's Pub.

The Bottom Line

Finnegan's Pub, the pioneer of Irish pubs in São Paulo, has all the highly sought-after signs of transplanted Irishness - food, Guinness, and a fun St. Patrick's bash. But one of the things that truly sets it apart from other Irish pubs in Brazil is its Bloomsday celebration on June 16.


  • Live music
  • St. Patrick's Party
  • Bloomsday celebration


  • Restrooms are not accessible


  • Address: Rua Cristiano Viana 358 - Pinheiros - São Paulo - SP
  • Phone: 55-11-3062-3232
  • E-mail: finneganspub@finnegans.com.br

Guide Review - Finnegan's Pub


Updated on Feb.20, 2011

Finnegan's Pub has a long history of success in São Paulo as a great place for socializing, flirting, and sampling Irish beer and food.

Named after the Finnegan of Irish lore as well as for James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, the pub is the venue of choice for the local celebration of Bloomsday on June 16. The event traditionally has featured readings of Joyce and Brazilian writers who were influenced by his work, music and the giving of awards to people who help spread Irish culture in Brazil.

St. Patrick's Day at Finnegan's

St. Patrick's Day parties at Finnegan's are a top attraction in São Paulo nightlife. Show up for some green draft beer and live music. Call for information on this year's schedule and attractions.

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 6 p.m., Sat and holidays 7 p.m.
Happy hour Mon-Fri 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Address & Contact Information:

Rua Cristiano Vianna 358
São Paulo - SP
Phone: 55-11-3062-3232
E-mail: finneganspub@finnegans.com.br
Website: sites.google.com/site/primeiropub/home


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