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Botafogo Praia Shopping, Rio de Janeiro


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Botafogo Praia Shopping and the Corcovado Cogwheel Train Station
Botafogo Praia Shopping, Rio de Janeiro

Botafogo Praia Shopping lounge on Corcovado Mountain.

Photo courtesy of Botafogo Praia Shopping.

Botafogo Praia Shopping has adopted the Corcovado Cogwheel Train Station, which provides access to Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado. The partnership has enabled the station to be renovated. As visitors get off the cogwheel train, they enter a lounge surrounded by stone and forest and decorated with new furniture and plants native to the Tijuca Forest.

The partnership also includes a concierge office with tourist information about the mall and Rio de Janeiro attractions. The office is almost in front of the elevators which go to the statue.

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