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Maria Brigadeiro


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Sweets at Maria Brigadeiro
Maria Brigadeiro
Photo courtesy of Maria Brigadeiro.

Chef Motter applies her skills as a culinary arts graduate to the creation of her fine treats, made from top-quality ingredients and often with unorthodox inspiration, as in the case of the basil, Masala and Wasabi brigadeiros. The atelier serves over 40 flavors, including Sicilian lemon, pistachio, hazelnut, coffee, coconut, Bailey's, cachaça and the essential, basic type called simply Tradicional.

Brigadeiros are usually rolled in chocolate sprinkles. Here, too, chef Motter has let her creativity run wild: her sweets are rolled in ingredients as diverse as white chocolate shavings, pistachio or hazelnut slivers, crushed chocolate cookies or pecans, and powder milk.

One of the highlights at the atelier is the collection of brigadeiros made from 45%-85% pure organic chocolate from Diego Badaró's farms in Bahia. Badaró, a fourth-generation cocoa grower on the Cocoa Coast, develops reforestation projects as part of his sustainable, socially responsible farming.

Sweets at Maria Brigadeiro are made fresh daily in front of the customers. There are always a few specials available for immediate purchase, but most sweets must be ordered in advance by phone or e-mail. Buy the sweets in pretty marmitas, or tin boxes, wrapped up in cute kerchiefs (some by famous designer Alexandre Herchcovitch), boxes, or, if you're going for soft brigadeiro, in jars or mini pots. For women, there's TPM Alívio (PMS Relief), eight brigadeiros in assorted flavors in a container that looks like medicine packaging.

Maria Brigadeiro:

Rua Capote Valente 68
São Paulo - SP
Website: www.mariabrigadeiro.com.br
Orders: 55-11-3085-3687 or encomenda@mariabrigadeiro.com.br

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