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Mundo Verde

Organic Shopping in Brazil


Updated on Feb.4, 2011.

Where can you buy banana flour, assa-peixe honey, kosher food, and organic lettuce? At Mundo Verde, a store many Brazilians wish would already have opened a franchise in their town.

With stores in most Brazil state capitals and in other cities as well, Mundo Verde - meaning "Green World" - is a one-stop supplier of products still not widely available in Brazil, where organic produce is often bought in special street markets or tiny greengrocer's.

Check if there's a Mundo Verde store near your Brazil destination on their website (www.mundoverde.com.br), under "Nossas Lojas".

Mundo Verde Sucos

Mundo Verde Sucos (www.mundoverdesucos.com.br), so far only available in Rio de Janeiro, is the juice & snack branch-out of Mundo Verde grocery shops.

Mundo Verde Sucos locations are few and mostly located inside A!Body Tech health clubs, for example at the Città América mall in Barra da Tijuca. The best location for tourists is the shop at Shopping Downtown (Avenida das Américas 500, Barra da Tijuca).

The vegetarian menu has sandwiches, soups, pizzas, salads and snacks, some of which take milk-based ingredients such as yogurt or Minas cheese.

Among the juice options are several combinations of fresh-squeezed orange juice and other fruit. You'll also find chlorophyll juice and smoothies such as the 3 Marias, made of soy milk, passion fruit, mango and papaya.

If you're serious about your workouts even while on vacation, try the natural anabolics at Mundo Verde Sucos - açaí in the bowl or as a juice, maybe mixed with guaraná. Add-ons include flaxseed and calcium proteinate.

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