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Cacau Show

Brazil's Chocolate Empire


You're likely to be drawn to an appetizing Cacau Show shop window somewhere in Brazil. Considered the largest fine chocolate chain in the wold, the company boasts over 650 stores in most Brazil states in the first quarter of 2009.

The vast majority of Cacau Show stores are franchises. The company has won excellence seals from ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association).

Cacau Show Chocolate

Cacau Show chocolate is made from pure cocoa, without the addition of trans fat. If you're a chocolate lover traveling in Brazil on a budget, you may want to indulge in some pretty affordable choices among the company's 250 products.

Take the Chocoterapia bars, for example. This 3.5-ounce acknowledgment of the therapeutic power of chocolate sells for R$4,90 (about $2). All seven flavors benefit from a high content of cocoa. Flavors include Pure Cocoa (Passion), Anise (Meditation), Pepper (Sexy) and Coffee (Motivation).

For that same price, you can also buy My First Vowels, a white chocolate treat for kids. Several of the single specialty bonbons sell for less than a dollar; a box of mixed bonbons goes for about $10.

One of the most attractive products is a bar with over 96% organic content (about $3.40).

Easter at Cacau Show

One of the Easter Specialties is the Dreams Mezzo chocolate egg, which has a shell filled with cream. Egg flavors include hazelnut, passion fruit and white chocolate.

Self-Made Man

In the foreword to the book O Cacau É Show, a celebration of chocolate and the Cacau Show history sold at the company's stores, chef-pâtissier Fabrice Le Nud from Pâtisserie Douce France calls Alexandre Tadeu da Costa, Cacau Show founder, "the Bill Gates of Chocolate".

Cacau Show started in 1988 when 17-year-old Costa found out the factory he had been selling chocolate for wasn't going to be able to honor his orders.

He scrambled to find a chocolate maker who could help him overcome the problem. By working 18 hours a day for three days, Costa and his first employee managed to fill the orders.

According to the company, Cacau Show has never taken any loans or resorted to external investments throughout its history.

Find a Cacau Show Store

With the exception of a few states, you'll find Cacau Show in most capitals. Look them up in the store locator on the Cacau Show website (www.cacaushow.com.br).

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