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Shopping in Brazil

Where do you find genuine Brazilian Indian art, or perfume made from Amazon plant essences? How can you buy groceries just like a local? Here is some useful information about shopping in Brazil.
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A Visit to Cerâmicas Izumi
A visit to Cerâmicas Izumi in Atibaia to buy the art of Japanese studio potter Shugo Izumi and see the master at work is one of the best things to do near São Paulo.

Maria Brigadeiro
This São Paulo atelier by Juliana Motter has helped raise brigadeiros, a typical Brazil sweet, to their new gourmet status.

Alpina is a store specialized in soap and handpainted pottery in Monte Verde, Minas Gerais.

Bombons Finos da Amazônia
Chocolate and native Amazon are a fantastic combination. Read on for a great Manaus shopping tip.

Botafogo Praia Shopping, Rio de Janeiro
Botafogo Praia Shopping in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a beachfront mall with lots of Rio designer stores, a great food plaza and panoramic views of Sugarloaf Mountain.

Cacau Show
A fine chocolate chain with quite a few affordable choices.

Casa Santa Luzia
Casa Santa Luzia, a gourmet food shop in Jardins, offers a wide choice of Brazilian and international specialtie and awesome Christmas shopping.

Chamma da Amazônia - Sustainable Rainforest Fragrances
Chamma da Amazônia, a sustainable enterprise from Belém do Pará, uses Amazon Forest raw materials to make fragrances, beauty products, and sachets.

Kosher Mart
Kosher Mart, supervised by Rabbi Meir Avraham Iliovits, ensures that shoppers have access to Kosher L’Mehadrin products in Brazil.

Mini Kalzone
A restaurant chain serving smoothies and ice cream besides salty and sweet pocket-size calzones.

Mundo Verde
Mundo Verde is a chain of stores selling organic and well-being products in Brazil.

Nugali Chocolates
Nugali Chocolates, a brand based in Pomerode, Santa Catarina, makes some of the best chocolate in Brazil. Find out what makes Nugali special and where you can buy their products.

Oiram Chocolates
A Manaus company making chocolates and liqueurs from regional ingredients.

Photo Gallery: An Open Air Market in Brazil
Take a virtual tour of a typical Brazilian open air market in São Paulo State.

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden Launches Commemorative Book
The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden is celebrating its 200th anniversary. Find out about the commemorative book.

Roxos e Doentes: Souvenirs for Soccer Fans
Roxos e Doentes is a Brazilian chain of stores for soccer fans.

Shopping in Saara
Shopping in Rio's Saara is more than just shopping - it's an immersive experience in local color and atmosphere.

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