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Havaianas - Brazilian Flip Flops



There was a time when Havaianas, the best-loved flip flops in Brazil, were also a kind of well-kept national secret - something foreigners discovered by accident during a Brazil vacation or when a friend brought them over as a gift. Today, Havaianas - pronounced ah-vye-UH-nas - are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. If you're heading to Brazil, you may still want to buy them at the source to save a little cash, or maybe to show a favorite person you made room in your luggage just so you could surprise him/her with one of Brazil's hottest souvenirs.

Traditional Havaianas

Photo courtesy of ©Havaianas
The genesis of Havaianas is the Traditional model for men, women and children, with a white top and straps and soles in five colors. Available all over Brazil, from hypermarkets to tiny grocery stores in the middle of nowhere, Traditionals have been a hit from their start in 1962. At about $6 a pair, they are the only comfortable shoes many Brazilians can afford on a daily basis. But even people who can buy more elaborate models still like having Traditionals for their down-to-earth fashion moments and practical needs, from going to the beach to walking around the house.

Havaianas Top

Photo courtesy of ©Havaianas

It didn't take long for Brazilians to realize that the frugal design of Traditional Havaianas was great for creative intervention. Women customized theirs. Surfers started a trend when they removed the straps from Havaianas and put them back on with the sole side up. The company capitalized on this fad by launching monochromatic Havaianas Top, a unisex design, in 1994. The new sandals helped the company overcome a downturn and paved their way towards upper class consumers who had been reluctant about wearing Traditionals.

Tops are currently available in 20 solid colors. They, too, are popular for customizing. Brazilians use them to make Havaianas bordadas (embroidered) and silkadas, that is, printed with silk-screen.

Havaianas Baby and Havaianas Kids

Photo courtesy of ©Havaianas

Tiny feet look cute in Havaianas. The Baby model has elastic straps that snuggle comfortably around soft heels. Havaianas for babies and young kids come in several fun, colorful models besides classic designs such as Traditional, Top and Top Brazil, which has small flags on the straps.

Besides being comfortable and beautiful, Havaianas are great for kids because they are very washable and dry easily.

Havaianas for Women

Photo courtesy of ©Havaianas

Thinner straps, metallic colors, high heels and feminine flower, stripe and animal print patterns are some of the features of Havaianas for women. Slim, with very thin straps; High, which have a clunkier look that doesn't sacrifice comfort; and Flash, all about very bare feet, are some of the designs that have come up in recent years and get more popular with each new collection.

A World of Possibilities

Photo courtesy of ©Havaianas

There are more than 40 models of Havaianas and with all the colors available, that adds up to about 350 variations. Check out the Havaianas website for options. While you're around, you may want to visit the Havafanatics page in "Havaianas World", where people share their photos of, and comments about, their flip flops.


Where to Buy Havaianas in Brazil

Finding Havaianas in Brazil isn't hard - according to the company, they're available at 150,000 points of sale in the country. However, not every store will have all the models, since a lot of Brazilian retail is based on small stores with a limited inventory.

Havaianas' greatest launch in Brazil so far has been Espaço Havaianas (opened in 2009), the concept store at Rua Oscar Freire 116 in São Paulo. In 2010, the company launched another concept store in Barcelona.

Lojas Americanas, a chain with many stores in Brazil, has a great selection of Havaianas.

Buy Havaianas in Rio

Tips for Buying Havaianas

The American size printed on my Havaianas Slim bought in Brazil says "6", which is not my size. If you plan on buying someone a pair of Havaianas in Brazil, or even in the US, for someone who's not going to be present to try them on, I recommend you measure their feet. Or if you want to surprise them, secretly measure a pair of their most comfortable shoes.

If you're buying Havaianas for kids, go for a larger size, even if that involves waiting till the child fits into the shoes.

Wear Flip-Flops Occasionally

Though it's fun to wear Havaianas and other flip-flops, don't overdo it. Read about how flip-flops affect body mechanics and what you need to do to keep them as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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