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Hotel Excelsior


Historical Hotel in Central São Paulo
Hotel Excelsior
Stefan Wilkerson

Jan.31, 2012

Built from 1941 to 1943, the 23-floor Hotel Excelsior is one of the historical hotels in downtown São Paulo in a three- to four-star range. It belongs to the same group as the Marabá Hotel across Avenida Ipiranga.

Designed in Art Déco style by Rino Levi (1901-1965), one of the exponents of local modernist architecture, the hotel and the adjoining Cine Ipiranga building are listed as a whole by Condephaat, the State Council in Defense of Historic Heritage.

Vintage hotels in São Paulo's old downtown have met various fates. The building once occupied by the Lord Palace Hotel has been expropriated and is now inhabited by members of a housing movement; the former Hilton on Avenida Ipiranga is currently the workplace of state supreme court judges. The Excelsior is among hotels in the central area which have undergone meticulous renovations and kept their original purpose, contributing to the area's touristic profile and overall revitalization - defended by organizations such as Viva o Centro.

Like the Marabá, the Bourbon São Paulo Business Hotel, the Normandie Design or the Novotel São Paulo Jaraguá Conventions, all Centro hotels with quite a bit of history, the Excelsior can look ahead to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, in which São Paulo will be a host city, while ranking high in the business travel niche.

One of the hotel's widely acknowledged downsides is the wait for the small elevators; as of this writing, according to staff, one of the three elevators is still out of service as it is being changed. There is not an estimated date for conclusion of the works.

Guest Rooms:

The hotel has 183 apartments (two of which are wheelchair-accessible). All guest rooms have A/C and heating, cable TV, a minibar, and a computarized telephone system with direct international dialing.

The latest renovations, in 2011, included heavy investments in the guest rooms, with the introduction of new beds and other furniture, LCD screen TVs, and the installation of granite and laminate flooring.

Business & Convention Facilities:

The Excelsior has six convention rooms - Rino Levi, Janete Costa, Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Beira Alta - which total a capacity for 800 people. Support staff is available for events.

Culinary and Happy Hour:

The Ouro Preto Restaurant serves breakfast (included in rates), lunch and dinner. The lobby bar is the guest's spot for happy hour.

Nearby Attractions and Safety Tips:

Downtown Sampa is busy day and night, with top cultural attractions such as the Municipal Theater and great dining. Among the restaurants and bars near the Excelsior are Bar Brahma down the street and restaurateur Walter Mancini's spots on attractive Rua Avanhandava - Famiglia Mancini, Madreperola, Camarim 37 and more.

however, like other central areas in great urban centers, São Paulo's Centro poses challenges at night, when the many office buildings and attractions in the area close for the day and some of the seedier businesses open. Though police presence is usually reinforced on nearby Praça da República and its surroundings, the best way to get to and from the hotel is by taxi.

Praça da República has the closest subway (Metrô) station – República, on the Red Line, with one of its final stops at the Corinthians-Itaquera Station leading to Arena São Paulo (aka Itaquerão), the city's host stadium in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

On the square, there is also an Airport Bus Service stop, a useful option for the solo traveler.

The República station is on the

Address, Contact Information & Reservations:

Avenida Ipiranga 770
São Paulo - SP
Phone: 55-11-3331-0377

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