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Bourbon São Paulo Business Hotel


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Introduction to Bourbon São Paulo Business Hotel
Bourbon São Paulo Business Hotel
Stefan Wilkerson

October 27, 2011

Bourbon Hotéis & Resorts, with 11 hotels in Brazil and a hotel in Paraguay opened in June 2011 in a partnership with Conmebol (the South American Soccer Confederation), is a family-owned, 100% Brazilian company.

"Bourbon wants guests to experience the Brazilian way of providing services, our culinary and culture, the Brazilian way of being," says Carlos Dell'Aglio, general manager of the Bourbon São Paulo Business in the downtown area, one of the company's three hotels in São Paulo. "The company values our origins."

The interview takes place in the hotel's Jobim Restaurant, over strong black coffee – the product with which the family kickstarted their ventures. Bossa Nova plays in the background.

Though the primary clientele at the Bourbon São Paulo Business is obvious, the hotel occupying a charming historic building in the downtown area showcases the company's trademark versatility. Guests are also lured by São Paulo shopping, sports events, shows, dining and nightlife, particularly on weekends, and the hotel has several partnerships with receptive tour agencies to cater to those needs.

I first came in contact with the company's style at the Bourbon Atibaia Spa & Resort. The visit to the hotel in downtown São Paulo reinforced strong points found in that convention- and family-friendly resort: the friendliness and professionalism of staff members, the overall Brazilian flair, and great attention to cleanliness.

However, the hotel's location in Centro gives it an atmosphere all its own.

The hotel is about to enter a phase of major renovations, with an eye on São Paulo's expanding business travel scene and 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. At the time of our visit, top Bourbon executives were at the hotel for meetings related to approval of those renovations.

"The prototype of a new apartment has been approved and the restaurant will be fully remodeled," says Dell'Aglio. "The hotel will also have a new computer system, new mattresses, bed linens, and TVs in all guest rooms."

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