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Hotels and Pousadas in Garopaba


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Hotels and Pousadas in Garopaba: Introduction
Hotels and Pousadas in Garopaba
View of Praia do Siveira, Garopaba. Photo courtesy of Moradas da Silveira

Updated on Nov.12, 2012

Garopaba, a city about 62 miles south of Florianópolis and very near Praia do Rosa, has great surfing and a summer scene with some of the best nightlife on the Santa Catarina coast. It's also one of the top places for Southern Right Whale watching between July and November.

First inhabited by the Carijó tribe, later by Azorean immigrants; rediscovered by hippies from Rio Grande do Sul in the 1970s, Garopaba has preserved a simplicity in its lifestyle that's evident in its hotels - most of which are, in fact, pousadas, the Brazilian version of the bed and breakfast.

Most accommodations in Garopaba are mid-priced to budget. They're mainly located in the central area, including the central beach known simply as Garopaba, and on Silveira, Ferrugem and Barra Beaches to the south, with a few pousadas on Siriú and Gamboa to the north of the town center.

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