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As Muquiranas

Salvador Carnival Blocos


As Muquiranas

As Muquiranas/ Circuito Osmar. View full-size.

Rita Barreto - Setur

Dressing in drag, especially en masse, was quite a novelty in Salvador Carnival when Lindolfo Araújo, aka Charita, and some of his friends took on the city's streets in women's clothes in 1964.

The bloco, whose name is a slang term for ugly women, is popular with straight and gay men.

At first, Charita had help from his wife, his mother and cousins to create the costumes. Over the years, As Muquiranas - still a family deal, now managed by the secod and third generations -has evolved into a massive roped bloco with a trio elétrico. Every year, there is a costume theme - in 2009, the hairy revelers went out dressed as "She-Ra, Princess of Power of the Kingdom of Grayskull". Barbie and Catwoman have also inspired As Muquiranas.

The bloco parades on the Osmar circuit, also known as Avenida or Campo Grande, during the day. Read more about Salvador Carnival.

As Muquiranas - Parades in Salvador Carnival 2013

The bloco will parade on the Osmar (aka Campo Grande, or Avenidas) Circuit. Look up their schedule on the official Salvador Carnival Guide.

As Muquiranas Address & Contact Information:

Avenida Sete de Setembro 1451 Store # 5
Campo Grande
Salvador - BA
Phone: 55-71-3328-5820
E-mail: asmuquiranas@asmuquiranas.com.br


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