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Ponto do Coco


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Salvador's Coconut Therapy
Ponto do Coco
Patricia Ribeiro

April 2012

There are many places in Salvador where you can drink coconut water, but one of them stands out with its easygoing owner, historic address and beautiful views.

Israel Oliveira, aka Rasta, calls his kiosk Ponto do Coco - Coconut Point - and refers to the whole experience as the Ponto do Coco Therapy.

"That's the therapy right there," he says, with a sweeping gesture encompassing Boa Viagem beach below the kiosk and Baía de Todos os Santos stretching all the way to where it meets the open seas in its northern end.

"This is the best place for coconut water", says customer Carlos Augusto Junior.

Coconut water is a perfect drink for hot days in Bahia: it's packed with electrolytes, particularly potassium, which are essential to hydration.

After drinking the water, you can ask Rasta to cut the coconut in half so you can eat the soft meat that's forming inside.

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