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Marina All Suites


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Guest Rooms at Marina All Suites
Marina All Suites

Suite Design Cristal.

Photo courtesy of Hotéis Marina.

The 39 suites are divided into three major groups: Design, Club Floor and Basic, all with A/C, cable TV, LCD screen TVs, DVD players, internet access, two phone lines with voice mail, and hair dryers.

Design Suites, named after precious gems, were each created by a different professional, with some of the stone's characteristics incorporated into the design - the Ruby Suite, by Tarcila Paiva, is particularly vibrant; the Opal, by Beth Lucena, is predominantly decorated in white.

Daylight streams through the large windows of the Crystal Suite by André Piva on the 17th (top) floor. The suite, the hotel's largest at 93 square meters, has a living room, a dining area and two bedrooms. One of its best features is the bathroom in white marble, with a closet and a hot tub with beach views.

Basic Suites - in three categories, Master, Super Luxo and Luxo - all come with a living room; Master and Super Luxo have small kitchens with a microwave oven.

Club Floor Suites are the latest addition to the hotel - read more about them on the next page.

Marina All Suites:

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Av. Delfim Moreira 696
Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Phones: 55 -21- 2172-1100 / 2172-1110
Reservations: 55-21-2172-1001
Website: www.marinaallsuites.com.br

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