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Mar Ipanema Hotel

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Mar Ipanema Hotel

Mar Ipanema Hotel

Patricia Ribeiro

The Bottom Line

Updated on Sep.5, 2009.

Newly renovated Mar Ipanema Hotel is one of the best in Rio de Janeiro in the mid-price range. A great location on the fashionable corner of Visconde de Pirajá and Aníbal de Mendonça, just two blocks from the beach, is certainly a plus.

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  • Located two blocks from the beach
  • One universally designed guest room
  • Complimentary high speed internet access in all rooms
  • Double pane windows
  • Restaurant features chef Andréa Tinoco (and Devassa beer)


  • No swimming pool


  • All guest rooms have a safety box, a mini refrigerator, A/C, cable TV, internet access and a radio.
  • Services include laundry and room service.
  • Address: R. Visconde de Pirajá 539 - Ipanema
  • Phone: 55-21-3875-9191
  • Fax: 55 21-2511-4038
  • E-mail: maripanema@maripanema.com
  • Website: www.maripanema.com.br

Guide Review - Mar Ipanema Hotel

Mar Ipanema Hotel underwent a complete renovation in 2009 and added four guest rooms, bringing the total number to 86.

The 11-story building is on the corner of Rua Visconde de Pirajá, the main bus artery in the district, and Aníbal de Mendonça.

Surrounded as it is by boutiques, restaurants, office buildings, and all kinds of other businesses - bakeries, drugstores, supermarkets - it should come as no surprise that the Mar Ipanema is also exposed to noise.

One of the hotel's pluses is its next-door restaurant, Armazém Devassa, chef Andréa Tinoco's place in a partnership with Cerveja Devassa. On weekends, there might be tables on the sidewalk and lots of talking till about 4am.

However, during a tour of the hotel, I could confirm that the double pane windows in the guest rooms are pretty thick. The noise from Visconde de Pirajá was not a problem on the sixth floor.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
traveler's beware, Member stefre99

I stayed here during Carnaval and was excited considering the location and what appeared to be a nice hotel. The hotel itself was decent, and the adjoining restaurant was very good, despite some of the worst service I receive in all of Rio (15 minutes for someone to give us menus!). However, that's about all the positives I can give this place. The people at reception were incompetent and rude to no end. They try to rip off tourists with their lousy overpriced tours and ticket prices to events. They couldn't even give us correct directions to places just down the street. One evening they sent us to one of the worst areas in Leblon/Ipanema at 1 in the morning, when our destination was literally 4 blocks away. Luckily nothing happened to us, but the locals we told were amazed we weren't robbed or worse. The absolute worst was when our friends who lived in Rio, after all of us coming back from the beach, were not allowed in our room to use the restroom. 3 security guard came into our room to escort them out. When we complained we were never told of this rule, and never signed anything acknowledging this rule, we were told that it was on the back of our room door. The only thing on the back of the door was the escape plan. How you can be a paying customer and them not allow ANYONE to come to your room is outrageous. Anyone staying here needs to be aware of these sneaky maneuvers as it was a large hinderance to our trip. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. Look somewhere else or rent an apartment in the city. I certainly wish I had.

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