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Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide


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Rio de Janeiro Carnival Guide 2014
Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide

Unidos de Vila Isabel, grand champions of Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2013.

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Updated on Feb.8, 2014


One of the most dazzling celebrations on earth, Rio de Janeiro Carnival is a variegated festival made up of samba school parades on the Sambódromo, hundreds of street Carnival parades and parties with blocos, and Carnival balls.

Carnival season extends beyond the Saturday-to-Fat-Tuesday limits. Long before the holiday, samba schools start open rehearsals at their quadras, or headquarters, and, as Carnival approaches, launch their free technical rehearsals at Sambódromo. Street Carnival has a pre- and a post-Carnival season, and the tourist who arrives in Rio a couple of weeks before the festival or the weekend after it will find plenty of opportunities to parade (or "go out", in local lingo) with some of the city's best Carnival associations.

The growth of international tourism in Rio during Carnival is indicated by new records such as the one in Carnival 2012, when, according to Jornal do Brasil, an unprecedented 37 cruise ships anchored at Píer Mauá bringing 86,000 passengers to the celebrations.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro requires early planning: in July of the previous year, email the hotels or hostels you're considering for a stay and request the package rates, which usually consist of four or five nights.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Parades on the Sambódromo

Most tourists associate Brazil Carnival with the parades on the Sambódromo - an experience anyone interested in Brazil Carnival deserves to live at least once.

In 2013, there are going to be some changes in the Sambódromo parades. The changes won't affect Special Group parades dates.

  1. Special Group 2014
    Rio de Janeiro's main parades take place on Carnival Sunday and Monday; the top six winners parade again the Saturday after Carnival in what is known as the Champions' Parade. Ticket sales to the main parades usually start about three months before Carnival and tickets must be purchased in Rio de Janeiro, so make plans to get help from a Carnival ticket service, a tour agent in your country or a representative in Brazil such as your hotel or a receptive tour operator.

    See photos of previous Special Group champions: Beija-Flor (2011), Unidos da Tijuca (2010) and Salgueiro (2009).

  2. New Access Group Parades
    The resulting association of the former access groups and as such, a blend of samba schools in two categories of luxury. The blend should make for more balanced parades and an interesting start of Carnival on the Sambódromo. More details are coming up on how tickets to each day will be purchased.
  3. Children's Parade
    A year of learning and growing in creativity leads up to this fantastic parade, which used to be the first official Carnival event at Sambódromo and will now be held on Fat Tuesday.
  4. Samba School Rehearsal Parades
    Read about Rio's main samba schools rehearsals on the Sambódromo, free and a top attraction in Rio de Janeiro pre-Carnival.

Carnival Parties:

Carnival balls and galas go back a long way in the history of Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Some of the best take place at the Copacabana Palace and the Scala. 2014 updates will be available soon.

Free Rio de Janeiro Street Carnival:

Every year, hundreds of blocos parade in the streets of Rio. Some are new associations; others have existed for decades. Each has its own story, atmosphere and loyal revelers who know what type of music and vibe they're going to find.

Street Carnival parades often change their parade places and schedule. The blocos featured in this guide will be updated as soon and as accurately as possible. You can keep up with the latest for all the blocos each Carnival on:

Profiles of Great Rio de Janeiro Blocos:

Some of the city's best blocos are listed below, including the 12 members of the Sebastiana association - a great introduction to the Rio de Janeiro street Carnival. If the schedule for each bloco is not updated yet for 2014, look it up on the official Rio Carnival guide, under 'Blocos'.

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