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Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide


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Rio de Janeiro Museums and Historic Attractions
Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide

Morrinho ("Little Hill"), created from recycled materials by members of the Morrinho Project (www.morrinho.com) in Favela Pereira da Silva, is one of the exhibits at the Rio Art Museum, opened on March 1, 2013.

Alexandre Macieira/Riotur

Rio is nearly as old as Brazil, founded as it was in 1565, just 65 years after the discovery of Brazil by the Portuguese.

Several of the city's historic attractions date back to the transfer of the Portuguese Court to Brazil in 1808. Rio was the seat of colonial government from 1763 to 1822 and the capital of Brazil as an independent nation from 1822 to 1960; the city's history museums witness to that prestige.

Rio's art museums are among the best in Brazil and provide visitors with an essential panorama of Brazilian art and its dialog with international cultures.

Here are some of Rio's best museums:

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