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Rio de Janeiro Museums, Brazil
Alexandre Macieira/Riotur

Oct.30, 2012

Located at Parque do Flamengo, MAM (the Museum of Modern Art) is one of the most important museums in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, with over 15,000 works including long-term loans such as the Gilberto Chateaubriand collection of Brazilian art.

The museum was opened as a private initiative led by Raimundo Ottoni de Castro Maya, whose legacy as an art collector is preserved in the Castro Maya museums in Rio - Museu da Chácara do Céu in Santa Teresa and Museu do Açude in Alto da Boa Vista, part of the Tijuca Forest.

The building which houses MAM Rio was designed by one of the luminaries of Modernist architecture in Brazil: Afonso Reidy (1909-1964), who was on the team responsible for the design of the Gustavo Capanema Palace.

Rising like a phoenix from a fire which destroyed almost all of its collection in 1978, MAM Rio offers visitors a rich panorama of Brazilian art, with notable works by Di Cavalcanti, Maria Martins and Neoconcretists - Helio Oiticica, Lygia Clark, Wyllis de Castro, Franz Weissmann and more.

You can also enjoy several creations by Latin American artists such as Jorge de la Vega, Guillermo Kuitca, Xul Solar and Antonio Seguí from Argentina or Joaquín Torres Garcia from Uruguay.

Fernand Léger (France), Alberto Giacometti (Switzerland), Carlo Carrà (Italy), Barry Flanagan (Wales) and Henry Moore (England) are a few other international artists represented at MAM.

MAM Rio has become a national reference in modern art and contemporary art from Brazil, thanks in part to the Gilberto Chateaubriand collection - a long-term loan consisting of 7,000 pieces.

Other significant privately formed collections at MAM Rio are the Joaquim Paiva Colllection with 1,500 images by Brazilian and international photographers and the collection of art critic and curator Esther Emilio Carlos, donated to MAM after her death.

Besides the permanent exhibits, MAM is also known for its temporary events. In 2012, some of the featured artists have been Cabelo, Luiz Zerbini, and American photographer Roger Ballen.

The Museum's Cinemateca, with about 30,000 rolls of film, offers screenings and courses.

MAM Rio also has a fine restaurant - Laguiole, serving contemporary cuisine - and hosts one of Rio's top New Year's Eve parties, Réveillon Cidade Maravilhosa.


MAM Rio partners up with IPP - the Professional Investor Institute - to promote PIPA, the Professional Art Investor Award, every year. The competition, which aims at stimulating the production of Brazilian contemporary art and encouraging rising artists, has an online and a popular vote categories.

The finalists' works are exhibited at MAM Rio (in 2012, from October to December). You can view photos of previous exhibitions on the official PIPA website, under "Edições Anteriores".

MAM Rio Hours:

Tue-Fri noon to 6 p.m., Sun and holidays noon to 7 p.m.

Address & Contact Information:

Av Infante Dom Henrique 85
Parque do Flamengo
Rio de Janeiro-RJ

Phone: 55-21-2240-4944
Fax: 55-21-2240-4899

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