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Antiques Fair on Rua do Lavradio, Lapa


Browse, Shop and Party in Historic Downtown Rio
Antiques Fair on Rua do Lavradio, Lapa
Photo courtesy of Feira Rio Antigo.

One of the best things to do every first Saturday of the month in Rio de Janeiro is the antiques fair on Rua do Lavradio, Lapa. Officially called Feira do Rio Antigo, or "Old Rio Fair", the open-air market receives from 15,000 to 20,000 visitors every month.

Though some of the best items for sale on Rua do Lavradio are pricey - and not easy to bring back home - such as wonderful early 20th century cristaleiras, or china cabinets - a bit of perusing is likely to yield some cheaper finds. A good thing about the fair is that it lasts almost all day, which gives you time to get up late and catch some action in the afternoon.

For the market is not only about shopping - there's always live music in the street, especially choro and samba, sometimes drama and dance, usually in the afternoon.

Stages are set up at different points of the street. To check out the program for each Saturday, visit the official website of the Polo Novo Rio Antigo association (www.novorioantigo.com.br), and check the day's events under "Programação". The association gathers culture, culinary, retail and tourism business owners and professionals from Cinelândia, Lapa, Rua do Lavradio, Praça Tiradentes, Largo de São Francisco and Rua da Carioca to foster the revitalization of Rio's Historic Downtown.


Rua do Lavradio, Lapa
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Polo Novo Rio Antigo: phone 55-21-2220-5070 ext.6


Every first Saturday of the month, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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