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Rio de Janeiro Carnival with Fundição Progresso


Marchinhas, Parties and a Street Stage
Rio de Janeiro Carnival with Fundição Progresso

Updated on March 2, 2014

Fundição Progresso, Rio de Janeiro's famous non-governmental organization and cultural center installed in a former foundry in Lapa, has a major role in the ongoing revitalization of Rio de Janeiro street Carnival.

Since 2006, Fundição has promoted an annual contest to choose the best new marchinhas de Carnaval. The contest involves a CD release show and a Carnival parade. The project was devised by Perfeito Fortuna, president of Fundição Progresso.

Marchinhas de Carnaval (literally, "little Carnival marches") are ditties which have formed the musical tradition of Brazil street Carnival with funny lines, double meanings, social comentary and romantic themes for over a century. Since the first Fundição Progresso contest, four CDs have been released and over 4,000 songs have been submitted, proving the lingering appeal of the format in Brazil Carnival.

Like old-time marchinhas, which lived their heyday from the 1930s to the 1960s and yielded a world hit - "Mamãe Eu Quero" (by Jararaca & V.Paiva, 1937), sung by Carmen Miranda, the songs in the Fundição Progresso contest irreverently address a variety of current affairs.

The constest winners have been "Milagre do Viagra", by Homero Ferreira (2006); "Pra Carmem", by Bete Bissoli (2007); "Volante e Cachaça não Combina", by Mauro Diniz and Cláudio Jorge (2008); "Bendita Baderna", by Edu Krieger (2009); "Bom Dia", by Renato Torres Lima (2010); "Nossa fantasia", by Edu Krieger (2011); "Papagaio no Arame", by Fábio Simões (2012); "Vovô Ampulheteiro", by Bozo, André Mesquita, Moreira Junior and Alberto Silva (2013); and "Cadê a viga?" by Cassio and Rita Tucunduva (2014).

Fundição Progresso features the winning marchinhas in its many Carnival events, including parties at the headquarters and a stage which is usually set up in the street by the Lapa Arches, but in 2014 is at Praça Tiradentes. 

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