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Cordão do Boitatá


Dress Up for One of Rio's Best Carnival Blocos
Cordão do Boitatá
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Updated in March 2014

Founded in the Carnival of 1996, Cordão do Boitatá is a Rio de Janeiro Carnival bloco which gets a lot of inspiration from Brazilian folk traditions. Besides Carnival, the group is involved in the production of an annual pastoril, a form of Christmas play that's characteristic of the Brazil Northeast and which the group helps foster in Rio; in festas juninas; and in shows and drama.

The bloco is named for the boitatá, a fire snake of Brazilian indigenous mythology.

The Cordão do Boitatá Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro is a peaceful and fun event joined by grown-ups and kids alike. The bloco parades in Centro Histórico and everybody is encouraged to dress up. The music in the parade is a mix of traditional rhythms such as marcha, frevo, jongo, and forró. At the end of the parade there's usually a party on Praça XV de Novembro. 

The Cordão do Boitatá band performs in Rio de Janeiro and other places in Brazil. Formed by Cristiane Cotrim (cavaquinho), Kiko Horta (accordeon), Luis Flavio Acofra (guitar), Paulino Dias (percussion), Pedro Pamplona (sax and flute), Ricardo Cotrim (percussion), and Thiago Queiroz (tenor and baritone sax), with the special participation of Mariana Bernardes as the singer.

Cordão do Boitatá Carnival 2014 Party:

Carnival Sunday, March 2 at 9 a.m..
Where: Praça XV

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