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The Children's Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro


Family Fun at the Sambódromo
The Children's Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro

Herdeiros da Vila in Carnival 2010.

AF Rodrigues/Riotur

Updated on Feb.27, 2014

Dressed in a dazzling long dress which sparkles under the powerful lights of the Sambódromo, a graceful flag bearer swirls as her MC kneels down and hovers around her gallantly. A boy in a smart suit "pulls" the samba school as he sings its theme samba with all he's got. Here come eager musicians pounding on their drums; big, colorful floats; and alas, or sections, with kids of all ages dressed up as trees, clouds, astronauts. Parents, family members, volunteers - many of them grandmotherly women - parade along them attentively; everyone wears name tags. Families in the audience catch it all on their cameras and camcorders.

The children's parade on the Sambódromo, which takes place on Fat Tuesday, is a source of great pride for Rio de Janeiro samba schools. Several of them have a junior organization; these are grouped under AESM-RIO (the Association of Rio de Janeiro Junior Samba Schools).

The beautiful display of art and commitment you see on the Marquês de Sapucaí caps a year of creative efforts carried out in workshops, classes, and rehearsals. The children participate actively in the making of costumes and floats. Percussion band members learn and perfect their skills in classes held at the samba school quadras, or headquarters.

As places where children find an array of opportunities for self-expression and personal growth, junior samba schools (escolas de samba mirins) play an important social role in their struggling communities of origin. They represent a fun, enriching alternative to the potentially alluring dangers of the streets.

Admission to the parade is free. Bring your kids and marvel at this great show put on by toddlers, kids and teenagers.

Junior Sanba School Parade 2014

When: Fat Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 5 p.m.
Where: Sambódromo on Avenida Marquês de Sapucaí

Parade Sequence:

1 - Filhos da Aguia

2 - Infantes do Lins

3 - Mangueira do Amanhã

4 - Pimpolhos da Grande Rio

5 - Miúda da Cabuçu

6 -Corações Unidos do Ciep

7 - Petizes da Penha

8 - Ainda Existem Crianças na Vila Keneddy

9 - Aprendizes do Salgueiro

10 - Império do Futuro

11 - Inocentes da Caprichosos

12 - Nova Geração do Estácio

13 - Herdeiros da Vila

14 - Golfinhos da Guanabara

15 - Tijuquinha do Borel

16 - Estrelinha da Mocidade

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