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Carnival from Lapa, Rio de Janeiro
Thiago Maia/Riotur

Updated on March 6, 2014

Quizomba, a Rio de Janeiro Carnival bloco and band, started in 2001 as a bloco only in Barra da Tijuca. In 2004, it moved to Lapa, where it's housed at Circo Voador.

The band has a trio elétrico just like Salvador Carnival. The core group - bateria, singers, brass players, harmony - has more than 100 members.

One of Quizomba's signature traits is the eclectic repertoire. They play songs of their own as well as marchinhas - Carnival classics, as well as samba, funk, rock and afoxé.

Quizomba usually went out during Carnival, but in 2012 it paraded in post-Carnival, still leaving from Circo Voador.

The Quizomba band brings bloco energy onstage. The musicians play original songs and the works of contemporary Brazilian bands such as O Rappa. You can see the band at Circo Voador and other Rio venues - for example, Estrela da Lapa or Teatro Odisseia, or maybe catch them on the road elsewhere in Brazil.

See Quizomba photos and videos and listen to music samples on the Quizomba website (www.quizomba.com.br). Keep up with their updates on the website and on their Twitter (@blocoquizomba).

Quizomba's Pre-Carnival Schedule:

Look for Quizomba at Circo Voador, where the group always has fabulous esquentas ("warm-ups", or pre-Carnival parties). Find more information on that schedule on the Circo Voador website.

2014 Parade (Post-Carnival):

Saturday, March 8 at 10 a.m.
Starting Point: Rua do Riachuelo

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