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Rio Samba School Rehearsal Parades 2014

Free Technical Rehearsals at the Sambódromo


Rio Samba School Rehearsal Parades 2014

Selminha Sorriso, Beija-Flor flag bearer, during the samba school's rehearsal on Jan.8, 2012. Marina Herriges/Courtesy of Riotur.

Updated on Jan.27, 2014

Before dazzling the world in the grand Carnival parades at the Sambódromo, Rio's samba schools need to rehearse. They do that in sizzling get-togethers, open to visitors, held every so often during the last months of the year at the quadra - their home base.

But that's not enough to master the time constraints and rules of the competitive Carnival parade on Rio's samba runway. Samba schools need technical rehearsals at the Sambódromo so they can get ready for the big day.

Technical rehearsals are free - and they've got to be one of the best freebies on earth. Even though you won't see the most glamorous costumes, and the floats will be sparsely decorated frames, samba schools put up quite a show during these very organized events.

Technical rehearsals provide the percussion section and puxador de samba, or lead singer, in each samba school an invaluable chance to see how their timing is working out. What you see will be their best performance possible - they need to consider every detail and find out what has to be improved if they want to have a chance at winning.

Some samba schools in the Special Group, associated under Liesa (Rio's Independent Samba School League) bring about 3,000 members to Sambódromo rehearsals, dressed in clothes specially designed for the occasion. The mestre-sala and porta-bandeira - the MC and flag bearer who open the parades; the velha guarda, or veterans; the queen of the percussion section; and baianas, women dressed in traditional Bahia attire, will be there.

2014 Technical Rehearsal Schedule

The Special Group samba schools will start their Sambódromo rehearsals on Feb.2, 2014.

See the full schedule on the LIESA website, with the Special Group rehearsal schedule listed in yellow.

The starting point at the Sambódromo for each parade is marked (B) Balança; (C) Correios.

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