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Ma-Noa Park


Ma-Noa Park
Photo courtesy of Ma-Noa

Ma-Noa Park Overview:

Ma-Noa Park, on Maracajaú Beach (33 miles north of Natal) has most of the attractions you would expect from a water park. There's a 600-square-meter pool, a giant water slide and less intimidating rides for kids, a lazy river.

The support structure is fine, too, with a restaurant, bars and snack kiosks. But those attractions are fine, Ma-Noa counts on some distinct pluses lying outside the boundaries of the water park to carve a niche in the Brazil water park scene.


Maracajaú, a district of Maxaranguape, is well known to snorkelers due to its parrachos (pronounced pa-HA-shos) - the Rio Grande do Norte term for coral reefs. The shallow pools formed in the coral reefs, about 4 miles off the coast, are one of the attractions you can enjoy on tours from Ma-Noa.

Ma-Noa's boats have low-impact engines in order to preserve the parrachos, and the park's platform, with a capacity for 200, has an ecologically correct waste disposal system.

The park also offers horseback and quad rides on pristine, wind-swept Maracajaú and neighboring beaches.

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism:

Ma-Noa also holds a pretty good record as far as responsible tourism is concerned. The park is one of the sponsors of the Ma-Noa Foundation, which provides several opportunities in education, jobs, and professional training to the local community, formed largely by fishermen and their families.

Ma-Noa Address & Contact Information:

Enseada Pontas dos Anéis
Praia de Maracajaú
Maxaranguape - RN

Phone: 55-84-3211-2140
Fax: 55-84-3211-3542

How to Get There:

By car: Take BR-101 to Touros and take the Maracajaú exit. Follow the signs to the park.

By buggy: Rides are available following the seashore all the way to Maracajaú from the northern Natal beaches. Ask your hotel for recommendations.

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