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Recife Carnival Ball


50th Anniversary Party to Commemorate Frevo, Local Artists
Recife Carnival Ball

Alceu Valença show during the 47th Municipal Ball, in 2011. Photo by Jaqueline Maia/Courtesy Carnaval do Recife.

Updated on Jan.29, 2014.

The Recife Carnival Ball (Baile Municipal do Recife, Feb.22, 2014) is an annual celebration promoted by the City of Recife at the Chevrolet Hall.

The sumptuously decorated hall, the costume contests and a superb lineup of musicians playing frevo, maracatu and other types of Carnival music attract about 16,000 people to the ball, which officially opens Carnival in Recife and lasts about seven hours.

The event was launched in the early 1960s, when Miguel Arraes was the Recife mayor. Vice mayor Arthur Lima Cavalcanti, known for his talent as a Carnival songwriter, was put in charge of the party. The ball was held at Clube Internacional and at Clube Português do Recife before moving to the Chevrolet Hall in 2002. See Recife Carnival Ball photos.

Elaborate costumes are a hallmark of the Recife Carnival Ball, but dressing up in costume is optional.

50th Recife Carnival Ball (2014)

This year, Recife is placing a great emphasis on Intangible Cultural Heritage-listed frevo and on the state's artists at the Carnival Ball and in Carnival festivities as a whole: 98% of the performers in the official Carnival calendar are from Pernambuco. The honored visual artist is Antônio Carlos Nóbrega.

Featured performers are  Ademir Araújo and Orquestra Popular do Recife, Claudionor Germano and guests, Maestro Forró e Orquestra Popular da Bomba do Hemetério, Spok Frevo Orquestra and guests Alceu Valença, Elba Ramalho, André Rio, Almir Rouche, Gustavo Travassos, Marrom Brasileiro and Ed Carlos.

2014 Costume Contest:

This year, the traditional costume contest will be held separately from the Carnival Ball, to give revelers more time to enjoy the party. The contest will be at Clube Português on Feb.13, 2014 and admission will be 1 kilogram of non-perishable food.

Winners will parade in the Carnival Ball on February 22.

2014 Baile Municipal:

Feb.22, 2014 at 8 p.m.
Where: Chevrolet Hall
Av Gov Agamenon Magalhães
Salgadinho - Olinda - PE
Phone: 55-81-3427-7500


Individual tickets to Baile Municipal 2014 cost R$50 and tables for 4 cost R$600.   Ticket sales start on February 12; there will be 286 tables and 10,000 tickets to the dance floor. 

You can buy table tickets at Chevrolet Hall and dance floor tickets at Renner stores at the following malls: Recife, Tacaruna, RioMar and Boa Vista, as well as at the Renner on Rua Imperatriz.

The organizations benefiting from ticket revenue in 2014 are Associação Pernambucana de Portadores de Leucemia (APPL), Associação dos Portadores de Doença de Chagas e Insuficiência Cardíaca e Miocardiopatias, Casa do Hemofílico Gilson Saraiva, Instituição dos Cegos, Lar do Neném, Lar de Jesus and Instituto Arthur Vinicius


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