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Nova Friburgo Photo Gallery

Attractions Before the January 2011 Rains


Jan.20, 2011

Nova Friburgo is taking the first steps on a journey of recovery and reconstruction after the devastating rains which hit the Fluminense Range this month. While some of the city's areas were severely affected, other areas, such as the touristic Lumiar district, were not hit in a major way and had no weather-caused deaths.

In the downtown area, some of the top attractions have been damaged or partially destroyed. The photo gallery, which shows some of the city's best known attractions and landmarks, will be updated as more accurate information is available.

This is a humble tribute to the people of Nova Friburgo, in memory of the victims and in celebration of the many who are rising to the challenges of rescue and relief with a passion and great displays of solidarity.

Hopefully, by the time you visit, you will find attractions that have been damaged back in good shape, or even better than before.

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Municipal Theater and Santo Antônio ChapelPraça Getúlio VargasTourist CenterBaron of Nova Friburgo's House
São João Batista ChurchEducational InstituteCasa da Cultura Usina Cultural
Bus Station MuryLumiarSão Pedro da Serra
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