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Costa do Sauipe Guide


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Sauípe Pousadas
Costa do Sauipe Guide

Pousada Agreste.

Costa do Sauípe.

Sauípe Pousadas (formerly Pousadas de Sauípe) is the most affordable resort at Costa do Sauípe. Perfect for singles, couples and families with young kids, the Bahia-themed resort near Vila Nova da Praia is divided into five pousadas:

  • Pousada Agreste, with 20 guest rooms
  • Pousada Torre, with 30 guest rooms
  • Pousada Gabriela, with 20 guest rooms
  • Pousada Pelourinho, with 40 guest rooms
  • Pousada Carnaval, with 39 guest rooms

Some of the best features at Sauípe Pousadas are the two pools and the restaurant for each pousada and the easy access to the fun of Vila Nova da Praia, with its bars, ice cream shops and restaurants.

Kids staying at Sauípe Pousadas can participate in all the monitored activities at Costa do Sauípe.

Costa do Sauipe:

Website: ww2.costadosauipe.com.br
Reservations: 55-71-2104-7020

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