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Costa do Sauipe Guide


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Introduction to Costa do Sauipe
Costa do Sauipe Guide
Photo courtesy of Costa do Sauipe

Updated on Nov.29, 2013

Costa do Sauipe, a group of resorts opened in 2000, spreads over an attractive stretch of Bahia's Coconut Coast (Costa dos Coqueiros, or the Coconut Tree Coast), about 48 miles north of Salvador.

There are six hotels on this part of the coast, all managed by Sauípe S.A. One of them is the Sauipe Club, formerly Breezes.

In 2010, Costa do Sauipe celebrated its 10th anniversary with a relaunch which encompassed a redefinition of its identity, a new kids' area, and upgraded entertainment venues. The relaunch aimed at a more more precise focus on guest profile in Brazil's growing resort market. A unique offering for each type of guest was created in each resort.

Previ, the only Costa do Sauipe shareholder, invested approximately R$30 million (over US$ 18 million) in the renovation of the resorts and common areas, expansion of the restaurants, creation of new leisure areas, training and advertising.

2013, when Costa do Sauipe will host the Final Draw for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, has seen an array of new improvements, including the building of the R$14-million Arena Sauipe, with a capacity for an audience of 3,500 (seated) or 6,000 (standing). The arena can be used to boost corporate events in the low season.

Another R$15 million have been invested in structure, including renovations of all pools and upgrades in guest rooms.

Sauipe Kids

A 43,000-square-foot area with enough space for up to 800 kids ages 4 to 12 (divided into monitored groups ages 4-7 and 8-12), Sauipe Kids is open all day, every day. The area is open to kids staying in all the Costa do Sauipe resorts.

Sauipe Kids offers:

    Two swimming pools
  • Sports
  • Shows
  • Jamborees
  • Circus activities
  • Cooking classes
  • Environmental activities
  • A toy room
  • A mini theater
  • A movie room
  • A game room
  • A restaurant serving kids' meals (grown-ups are welcome to join their kids)

Vila Nova da Praia

Authentic Bahia villages inspire Vila Nova da Praia, the leisure area at the center of Costa do Sauipe. With 20 shops, kiosks serving typical Northeastern food such as tapioca and acarajé, eight restaurants and snack bars, a bar and services such as 24-hour ATMs and a drugstore, the village is perfect for relaxation after the beach and a nighttime stroll.

Sports Centers

Costa do Sauipe has five sports centers.

  • Sauípe Country - The area has a mini farm and activities such as poney riding and horsecart rides for young beach buckaroos.
  • Sauípe Náutica - With 10 water sports
  • Sauípe Golf - An 18-hole golf course
  • Sauípe Tênis - The center offers tennis and squash courts.

Transition to Costa do Sauipe's new phase involved changes in the names of the group's resorts. Read on to learn more about each one.

Costa do Sauipe:

Website: ww2.costadosauipe.com.br
Reservations: 55-71-2104-7020

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