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Mocotó is the term used in Brazil for cow's feet and for the stew prepared from that meat. Ingredients in prepared mocotó may include beans, onion, garlic or cilantro, for example.

The presence of mocotó in Brazilian culinary is especially strong in the Northeast and in the deep South. Originally a cultural contribution of slaves who used cuts of meat discarded by landowners, mocotó is affordable and rich in nutrients.

Caldo de mocotó, a broth often served in Northeastern food restaurants, is another popular recipe.

Geléia de mocotó, a sweet jelly which can be found as a handcrafted treat in some regional food markets and doesn't need to be refrigerated, is made from the clear broth after the fat has been separated from it and flavored with cloves and cinnamon.

A refrigerated, homemade variation of the jelly is often flavored with lime rind and orange juice. An industrialized version is available at supermarkets (by brands such as Arisco, for example). In the early 20th century, Confeitaria Colombo, in Rio de Janeiro, introduced mocotó jelly to a refined public.

Pronunciation: mo-co-TAW

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