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Gengibirra, Brazil's ginger soda, is mainly available as a drink produced by Hugo Cini Bebidas, a Paraná-based company. The main market for the drink is concentrated in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina.

The name of the drink merges gengibre (ginger in Portuguese) - and birra (beer in Italian).

Ezígio Cini, an Italian anarchist who arrived in Brazil in the 19th century, established the company with partner Carlos Chelli after Colônia Cecília, a commune based on anarchist principles of which both were members, came to an end.

The company is named after the founder's son, Hugo Cini, who expanded it once he had bought Chelli's share as well as his mother's and siblings'.

During your Brazil travels, you may stumble upon handcrafted or locally produced, bottled versions of the drink such as Gengibirra Esportivo, made by a company called Irmãos Parazzi in Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, SP.

Pronunciation: gen-gi-BEE-ha (g pronunciation as in beige)

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