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Discover a world of fun possibilities as you make your way through Brazil.
  1. Sightseeing in Brazil
  2. Outstanding Brazil Museums
  3. Rio de Janeiro Carnival
  4. Rio de Janeiro Street Carnival Guide
  5. Brazil Festivals and Events
  1. Brazil Parks and Zoos
  2. Historical Farms in Brazil
  3. Brazil Food and Drink
  4. Accessible and Inclusive Travel in Brazil

Sightseeing in Brazil

Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

Get your camera and your most comfortable walking shoes ready for some fun sightseeing in Brazil.

Outstanding Brazil Museums

Explore Brazil's artistic, historic and cultural treasures in these museums, ranging from major institutions to one-of-a-kind houses turned into tourist attractions.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Learn about some of the top attractions in Rio de Janeiro Carnival and start planning for Carnival 2012. Rio's best blocos and samba schools also host events through the year. Some of those highlights will be posted here.

Rio de Janeiro Street Carnival Guide

Get a ticket to Rio, find a place to stay, and you're set: joining these outstanding Carnival blocos, or groups, is free. Just show up for lots of dancing in the street. 2012 updates will be released around mid-January.

Brazil Festivals and Events

St. John's Festival in Caruaru, Pernambuco.

Learn about festivals and holidays in Brazil, including Carnival, Semana Santa, Oktoberfest and regional celebrations.

Brazil Parks and Zoos

Bring the kids and let yourself loose at these great parks, gardens and zoos in Brazil.

Historical Farms in Brazil

Some of Brazil's most stunning old farms, some with their origin dating back to the apogee of coffee and cocoa cycles, can be visited for the day or offer overnight accommodations. Here are some of the best.

Brazil Food and Drink

Bar do Doca, Minas Gerais

Enjoy the Brazilian culinary tradition, a rich mix of influences and flavors that takes advantage of the country's natural wealth.

Accessible and Inclusive Travel in Brazil

Brazil has a long way to go till it becomes a universally accessible destination. Find out about accessible travel options in Brazil today, and read about the efforts of Brazilian people committed to making inclusive tourism a reality all over the country. If you are a traveler with a disability who has discovered truly accessible places in Brazil, please e-mail me with your tips so I can add them to this guide. Thank you!

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