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Oktoberfest Blumenau Guide


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Introduction to Oktoberfest Blumenau 2013
Oktoberfest Blumenau Guide

Shirlene Reichert (center), Oktoberfest Blumenau 2013 Queen, and Princesses Cíntia Daniela Galz (left) and Bruna Daniela Eyroff.

Eraldo Schnaider/Photo courtesy of Oktoberfest Blumenau.

Updated on Sep. 26, 2013

Blumenau, a city founded as a German colony in 1850, hosts the largest Oktoberfest in Brazil.

Oktoberfest Blumenau 2013 (Oct. 3 to 20), the 30th edition of the festival, will and present popular attractions such as parades in Central Blumenau, shows with German and Brazilian bands, a Biergarten and a greater emphasis than ever on German food.

The first Oktoberfest was created to help Blumanau recover from a flood. Despite the challenges of Santa Catarina weather, Oktoberfest Blumenau has never had to be canceled because of rain. Since the festival started, over 16 million people have attended.

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Where to Stay for Oktoberfest Blumenau

Blumenau hotels are not many. Some Oktoberfest travelers stay in Balneário Camboriú (to which locals often refer simply as Balneário), one of the top beach destinations in Santa Catarina and less than 40 miles from Blumenau.

Talk to your travel agent about tour packages which include Blumenau and Balneário Camboriú, or plan the trip yourself with the help of Balneário hotels. They can refer you to vans (locally known as topiques that do Balneário - Blumenau transfers.

Balneário Camboriú deals can turn out to be pretty affordable, especially for groups of friends.

Oktoberfest Blumenau Safety

Oktoberfest Blumenau 2012 had 589,351 visitors. They drank 652,000 liters of beer. If you go to Oktoberfest, stay safe. Read about the dangers of drunk driving and remember that there is a dry law with severe penalties for intoxicated drivers.

Oktoberfest is a great travel idea for a group of friends. If you stay in Balneário Camboriú and rent a car to go to the festival, you can take turns as designated drivers.

The festival has promoted Oktober Segura (Safe Oktoberfest) since 2005. SETERB, the local transit authority, hands out leaflets alerting partiers to the dangers of drinking and driving. The festival has a safe house with breathalyzers for free testing. Free local rides are available with transit agents for those who fail the test.

  • Official website: www.oktoberfestblumenau.com.br
  • Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/oktoberfestblumenau
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