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St. John's Festival in Pelourinho


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June Festivals in Salvador's Famous Historic District

The 2014 St. John's Festival decorations in Pelourinho have lots of green and yellow, Brazil's national colors

Tatiana Azeviche

June 16, 2014

A folk celebration of St. Anthony, St. John and St. Peter, Festas Juninas take place in different styles all over Brazil, but Bahia tops the festivities with events in many of the state's 417 towns.

Known as São João da Bahia, the festival has its apex in the historical Pelourinho district in Salvador, with square dancing, shows, games and regional culinary, including acarajé.

In 2014, when Salvador is hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, São João do Pelô (June 18-24) will again feature great shows, some of them with best forrozeiros, or forró artists, in Brazil.

The main stage is at Terreiro de Jesus, but the party is also in other spots in Pelourinho: Largo do Pelourinho, Cruzeiro de São Francisco, Praça Tereza Batistad, Largo Pedro Arcanjo and Largo Quincas Berro D´Água.

Bahiatursa, the official state tourism company, has invested R$ 7,5 M in the Salvador celebrations, which are sponsored by Petrobras and Banco do Brasil. The three partners have invested R$ 21 in São 

Soccer fans will be watching the games live from Arena Fonte Nova and other host stadiums at FIFA Fan Fest at Farol da Barra. But those partying at Pelourinho will also be able to watch the games on screens set up at Terreiro de Jesus. 

St. John's Festival is hugely popular  in Bahia, known the world over for Salvador Carnival.

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