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Festitália 2013


Italian-Style Fun in the Blumenau Winter
Festitália 2013
Photo courtesy of Festitália.

Updated on May 11, 2013

Festitália is one of the top events in Blumenau, famous for hosting Brazil's best Oktoberfest.

Blumenau's Italian heritage is the attraction in this week-long winter festival which takes place at Parque Vila Germânica, also the site of Oktoberfest Blumenau and Sommerfest. Promoted by Lira Circolo Italiano in a partnership with Vila Germânica, it is attended by over 25,000.

About Festitália 2013::

The 20th Festitália (www.festitalia.com.br) will be from July 12-21, 2013. Look for updates on the official Circolo Italiano di Blumenau website.

SC Gourmet 2013:

SC Gourmet, launched in 2011, will once again take place at Parque Vila Germânica on July 17-20, 2013.

SC Gourmet features lectures, workshops and more with powerful representatives of Brazil food and drink.

Keep up with this year's upcoming attractions and schedule on the SC Gourmet website, Twitter (@scgourmet) and Facebook.

Parque Vila Germânica:

PROEB - Fundação Promotora de Exposições de Blumenau
Rua Alberto Stein 199
Bairro da Velha
Blumenau - SC
Phone: 55-47-3326-6901
Fax: 55-47-3329-0336

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