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Festivals, Events & Holidays in Brazil

Carnival is one of the many festive expressions of Brazilian culture. Learn more about Brazil's folkloric and religious celebrations, as well as some other exciting events on the Brazilian calendar.
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St. John's Festival in Recife
St. John's Festival in Recife (Festas Juninas) is one of the best times to visit.

Bembé do Mercado
Held since 1899 in the city of Santo Amaro da Purificação, in Bahia, Bembé do Mercado is an Afro-Brazilian, Candomblé celebration of the Abolition of Slavery in Brazil.

Gramado Tourism Festival
The Gramado Tourism Festival (Festuris), held in one of Brazil's best mountain destinations, is a top tourism trade fair.

Farroupilha Week in Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre is a top destination for Farroupilha Week (Semana Farroupilha), a celebration of Rio Grande do Sul traditions.

Bahia Tourism Show
10 reasons to visit the next edition of this new tourism show in Salvador.

International Chocolate & Cocoa Festival
The International Chocolate & Cocoa Festival in Ilhéus brings together the trade, specialists and tourists around Bahia's Cocoa Coast signature culture.

Washing of Bonfim
One of the high moments of life in Salvador, the Washing of Bonfim is a blend of Candomblé and Catholic rituals as well as a secular celebration.

Festa da Boa Morte (Feast of Good Death)
A solemn, historical commemoration rich in Bahia syncretism which takes place in Cachoeira, in the Recôncavo Baiano region.

St. John's Festival in Pelourinho
A top celebration in statewide St. John's Festival in Bahia.

Sommerfest Blumenau
Sommerfest, a month-long summer festival held every year in Blumenau, Brazil, includes Sommerbierfest, or weekly Oktoberfest nights at the city's Germanic Park.

Photos of Chinese New Year in Liberdade, São Paulo
The Chinese New Year celebration in Liberdade, Sao Paulo's Asian district, is the best in Brazil. See photos of the festivities.

Salvador Summer Festival
An annual music festival in Salvador, Bahia, featuring over 100 attractions on several stages. Read about the 13th edition, Feb.2-5, 2011.

Oktoberfest Blumenau
Oktoberfest Blumenau is the largest Oktoberfest in Brazil. Here's a guide to Oktoberfest Blumenau 2009.

Comida di Buteco BH 2009
View photos of participating and winning dishes in Comida di Buteco 2009 and find the Belo Horizonte bars that created them.

Fenaostra - The Annual Oyster Festival in Florianópolis
Fenaostra takes place every October in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina

Amazonas Opera Festival
The Amazonas Opera Festival is an annual event which has taken place at Teatro Amazonas in Manaus, Brazil since 1996.

Belo Horizonte Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree at Lagoa da Pampulha is one of Belo Horizonte's attractions.

Bom Jesus dos Navegantes Procession
The maritime procession in honor of Bom Jesus dos Navegantes, the patron of boatmen, one of the main events in Salvador, Bahia.

Christmas in the Mountains
A Christmas Extravaganza and New Year's Eve celebration in Campos do Jordao.

Brazilian Holiday Calendar
A year of Brazilian holidays on a calendar from Bonnie Hamre, About.com Guide to South America Travel.

Campos do Jordao International Winter Festival
Learn about Brazil's main classical music event.

Casaluce Festival
The Italian festival calendar opens with the Our Lady of Casaluce Festival in April/May.

Chinese New Year Celebration in Liberdade
Liberdade, in São Paulo, hosts a great celebration to ring in the Chinese New Year.

Christmas Lights Tour in São Paulo
Sao Paulo landmarks are decorated with lights and feature high-definition image projections for Natal Iluminado, the city's Christmas Lights tour.

Círio de Nazaré

Festas Juninas
Festas Juninas, or June Festivals, are folk celebrations that take place all over Brazil, with traditional music, dances, and food. They're often referred to simply as São João, or St. John

Festa do Divino - Festival of the Holy Ghost in Brazil
The Festival of the Holy Ghost in Brazil is an expression of faith with deep folkloric roots.

Folia de Reis
Where to find some traditional Three Kings' Day celebrations in Brazil.

Festa Nacional do Indio in Bertioga
Festa Nacional do Índio - National Indian Festival - is a yearly Brazilian Indian festival in Bertioga, Brazil, and the largest indigenous cultural event in the world.

Flip - Paraty International Literary Festival
Flip is the annual Paraty International Literary Festival, one of the most important literary events in Brazil.

International Fishing Festival in Cáceres, Mato Grosso
The International Fishing Festival (FIP) in Cáceres, Mato Grosso, a popular Pantanal destination, is the largest recreational fishing event in the world.

Itaúnas Forró Festival
A winter event in Itaúnas, a Brazil beach famous for its sand dunes and forró.

LGBT Pride Parade in São Paulo - Parada do Orgulho GLBT
The LGBT Pride Parade (Parada do Orgulho GLBT), in São Paulo, Brazil is the largest in the world and part of the celebrations of LGBT Pride Month in May.

Madness Festival
The Madness Festival (Festival da Loucura), in Barbacena, Brazil, underlines the city's change in the approach to madness.

Marafolia - The São Luís Micareta
Marafolia, in October, is the off-season Carnival (micareta) in São Luís, Maranhão.

Munchenfest is the beer festival held every year in November/December in Ponta Grossa, Paraná.

Nativity Fair in São Paulo
The Nativity Fair (Feira da Natividade) is a Christmas event in the Anhangabaú Valley in downtown São Paulo, featuring a nativity scene, Christmas bazars and shows.

Nova Friburgo International Winter Festival
Concerts, art exhibits and more in a winter festival in the mountains near Rio de Janeiro.

Oktoberfest Blumenau Photos
Images from Brazil's top Oktoberfest, in Blumenau, Santa Catarina.

Procissão do Fogaréu in Goiás Velho
Procissão do Fogaréu, or Procession of the Torches, in Goiás Velho, is a Semana Santa - Holy Week - tradition in Brazil during which hooded men carrying torches act out the arrest of Jesus Christ in the Olive Garden.

Our Lady of Aparecida
Our Lady of Aparecida is celebrated on October 12 at the Aparecida Sancturary, in Aparecida do Norte, Sao Paulo.

Ouro Preto and Mariana Winter Festival
The Ouro Preto and Mariana Winter Festival, in July, keeps these two colonial towns abuzz with arts and music.

Superação Rio 2009
An event dedicated to raising awareness of the need to promote inclusiveness in Brazil.

Petrópolis Winter Festival
One of the best events of its kind in Brazil.

Salão do Turismo
An annual travel and tourism fair in São Paulo where visitors can book trips or buy food and souvenirs.

Saint Patrick's Day in Brazil
Find a pub in Brazil where you can celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

St. Vito Martyr Street Festival
St. Vito Festival is one of the most important Italian festivals in São Paulo.

The Rio de Janeiro LGBT Pride Parade
The Rio de Janeiro LGBT Pride Parade, in October, one of the largest in Brazil, fills Copacabana Beach with rainbow crowds and colors.

Top Oktoberfests in Brazil
Oktoberfests in Brazil are a great introduction to the country's German heritage. These are the country's best.

Festa Nacional do Índio Photo Gallery
Photos from the Brazilian National Indian Festival in Bertioga, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Photographer: Renata de Brito, from Prefeitura Municipal de Bertioga.

Festitália 2012
Festitalia, an annual Italian festival, is one of the top events in Blumenau and one of the best winter festivals in Brazil. Learn about Festitalia.

Brazilian National Holidays in 2012
National public holidays in Brazil: find out when and how they're celebrated and how they affect your travel plans.

Festa Pomerana
Festa Pomerana, a summer festival with German music, food and beer, takes place every January in Pomerode, Brazil.

Expoflora Photo Gallery
Photos of Expoflora (September 3-27, 2009), an annual flower show in Holambra, SP.

Tiradentes Film Festival
The Tiradentes Film Festival, held in January, showcases Brazilian indie film production in one of the country's most charming colonial towns.

Alzirao, in Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, is one of the best World Cup watching parties in Brazil.

Feast of Yemanjá in Rio Vermelho
The Feast of Yemanja in the Rio Vermelho district in Salvador, held on February 2, is the largest of its kind in Brazil.

Meeting of Traditional Cultures of Chapada dos Veadeiros
The Meeting of Traditional Cultures in Chapada dos Veadeiros is a festive opportunity to get in touch with the people of Brazil.

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