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Vuelta Sudamericana


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Vuelta Sudamericana: Highlights in Other South American Countries
Vuelta Sudamericana

Vuelta Sudamericana: Desert meets ocean in Chile.

Photo courtesy of Tour d'Afrique

Riders in Vuelta Sudamericana will experience the great geographical and cultural diversity of South America as they travel from Brazil to Ecuador.

The most demanding stages will be in the Andes, especially the jouney from La Paz, Bolivia to Lima, Peru, when they will traverse mountain passes at 4,200 m of altitude.

Bonnie Hamre, About.com Guide to South America, can tell you about some of the natural wonders along Vuelta Sudamericana:

Also on the route are five country capitals: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; La Paz, Bolivia; Lima, Peru; and Quito, Ecuador.

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