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Mountain Paradise in Campos do Jordão, Brazil

Amantikir creator's favorite view of the gardens.

Photo courtesy of Amantikir

Amantikir is a park with cultivated gardens and exuberant native growth in the heights of the Mantiqueira Range, in Campos do Jordão.

Opened in August 2007 with 22 areas open to visitation, the park is a private enterprise which aims to value the native appeal of the Mantiqueira range and its original cultural values.

One of the fascinating things about Amantikir is that it's a work in progress: only 6% of the park's total area is open to visitation so far, and there are lots of projects for the future.

Amantikir Address:

Rodovia Campos do Jordão/Eugênio Lefevre 215
Bairro Gavião Gonzaga
Campos do Jordão – SP
Phone: 55-12-3662-5044

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