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Monte Pascoal National Park


Monte Pascoal National Park
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Monte Pascoal – meaning Easter Mount – was the first sign of land the Portuguese saw when they discovered Brazil. The fleet under the command of Pedro Álvares Cabral arrived on the Brazilian coast on April 22, 1500, during Easter week.

The tropical vegetation on and around Monte Pascoal is one of the last remnants of the Atlantic Forest in Bahia.

Monte Pascoal National Park, like the other 61 National Parks in Brazil, is a conservation unit the government classifies as Proteção Integral, or Complete Protection, and thus admits no human use of natural resources. In the past, that decision has spurred conflicts with the local Pataxó indigenous tribe, who claim Mount Pascoal and the surrounding area as their land. The Pataxó currently manage the area which has access to the park.


According to TV Turismo, there are two trails in the park. One is about 0.6 mile long and leads to a lookout point from which Monte Pascoal can be seen.

Another trail starts halfway to the lookout point and leads to the top of Monte Pascoal at 1,755 feet. This trail is almost a mile long and takes about two hours to cover.

Year of Creation:


Location :

Southern Bahia, about 150 km (93 miles) from Porto Seguro.


There is access to Monte Pascoal from the city of Itamaraju - 14 kilometers (about 8.7 miles) on a dirt road (BA-498) that leaves Highway BR-101 at kilometer 796.

This access is controlled by the Pataxó tribe and payment should be discussed with them. Fees have usually been under $10 per person.

Caraíva has another access to the park by a trail that leads to the beach and village where the Pataxó live. This access is for hiking or horse riding only.

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